Monday, June 20, 2011

Am old, have a sister

I have an abusive relationship with summer soccer Sundays. They make up my favorite few months of the year. And then they beat the hell out of me.

I played in two games yesterday and I can barely function. My toes hurt from the constant pounding. I have a mysterious bruise on the top of my right foot. My left shoulder is sore. My quads burn. I have a headache. And my eyelids are really, really heavy.

These maladies can all easily be blamed on age. Because I am officially old. One of the teams we played yesterday consisted entirely of girls born in 1992 and 1993. Girls with names like Zoe and McKenna who are a cool 10 years younger than I am. It was shocking. (It is an over 18 league, but the youngest on our team is my sister, at 24.)

Speaking of my sister:
1. She received her marching orders this weekend from a friend whose wedding she is in next June. The bride chose a designer and a color and wants each of her bridesmaids in a different dress. The color? Hot pink. The designer? Alfred Angelo. The really handy result of this? Meg can wear the dress that I wore in Bridezilla’s wedding two summers ago. (As long as our seamstress can let the dress out to the original size.) How lucky is that?

2. As soon as I got home from soccer last night, I texted Meg to let her know that the Miss USA pageant was on television. That is why having a sister is awesome, you guys. Because it gives you someone to notify when there is truly trashy television on who won’t judge you. And who may even respond to your text message with “aww hell yeah.”


Heather said...

Sisters are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hope I don't sound like a creeper, but I found you through Bri's blog and though I'd come over and say HI!

Thisisme said...

haha marching orders. . .!

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