Thursday, May 05, 2011

Travel Thursday: South Africa Day 11, part 2

Guess I better wrap up last summer's trip to South Africa before jetting off to Switzerland, eh?
After our tour to Soweto, we went back to our hotel for a few hours. After eating and showering and changing and email checking and all of that, we didn't have time for the long and luxurious naps that we wanted/needed.

Instead, we headed to a night game at Soccer City. We were seeing the Round of 16 matchup between Mexico and Argentina.

Meg and I both wore Argentina colors. The Mexican fans weren't terribly nice to us. Plus the blue of Argentina's jerseys match our eyes.

When you look at our pictures from the trip, you can see me looking shittier and shittier and shittier as the days go on. I was, of course, getting sicker and sicker and sicker.

(And seriously: who has an eye cream recommendation?)

I loved the Round of 16 games that we attended. They were more intense. There was more anticipation in the air. While I could sit and watch group play for days upon days upon days, they didn't compare to the games in the knockout rounds. It was do or die for Mexico and Argentina.

Argentina won, 3-1.

And, at the stadium, Meg and I ate meat pies.

And then we had to go home.

Well, that isn't entirely true. We went back to the hotel. We packed. We squeezed in one last shopping trip. We traveled and traveled and traveled and got our biltong confiscated at customs and and thought that maybe we'd never arrive at home.

But we did.

Mom was waiting for us just past security. She looked so excited to see us and, of course, we gave her big hugs.

And do you know what she told us?

"You two stink."

I guess that's what 22 hours of travel will do to you.


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Okay I love your Africa posts...can't believe they are done! I remember watching that game in Barcelona at the Hard Rock Cafe (random I know) and it was so good and the games totally got more and more exciting. Okay I totally spit out my green tea that your biltong got confiscated at customs. On a side note my family has a South African butcher in Toronto that makes us biltong twice yearly...and it is phenomenol...all my friends beg me to order them the "African jerky" when I know I will be getting it. So if you are ever in Toronto I can let you know where/how to get it but I'm pretty sure you can't bring it across the CAN/USA border either. :)

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