Saturday, May 07, 2011

The tight grip of time

I am currently hating clocks. Clocks and time and my ability to read clocks and calculate time. Hate it all.

I keep looking at my phone. Looking at my phone and expecting a phone call or a text message and, when I inevitably have neither, I am left with the time staring back at me. And then I calculate. How long it has been since the last phone call or the last text message. The number of hours until I am due at the airport. How long I've been stuck at an intersection. How many minutes it took to get through the checkout at Trader Joe's. The amount of time I have before I'm due to pick up Lucy to see a movie and whether I can squeeze in time to go to the grocery store, bake a cake, have dinner and pack within that tiny window. How many hours of sleep I got (or didn't get) last night. Exactly how long I will be at work on Monday and whether or not I have any chance at all of finishing the dozen tasks on my to-do list. The time I'll need to leave for the airport. The number of hours of the flight.

Time. Everything these days is about time and how much I can accomplish within each and every segment of time. A shower in five minutes. A trip to the mall in under an hour.

I am a slave to the clock.

Until Monday at 6:15 pm. At which time I will become a slave to vacation.


LLandL said...

Less than twelve hours to go... you can make it.

!!! Have so so SO much fun on your trip!!!

Kari said...

You are going to have an amazing time -- can't wait to hear the recap! remember this is your year -- so make the most of your trip to Europe!!

Theo said...

I yell at my sister all the time for constantly running through her schedule (I know the whole thing by now!) and always looking at her phone. I think it's a byproduct of working 60 hours/week because things have to be scheduled to get done.

I'm still jealous of your vacation.

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