Thursday, May 26, 2011

Schedules and such

This transition time, as I’m trying to fall into a new pattern of living, is a little bit crazy. I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m supposed to be or if I should be tired or what time I should have lunch and that is very odd to me because my life had been so steady for so long. Sure, there were little changes (a different night for class when I was still in grad school, picking up the extra job, playing soccer on a weeknight, whatever) that I adjusted my schedule around, but there wasn’t anything like this.

It feels a little like I threw every part of my life into the air and now I’m just watching it rain down around me. The variety is nice (I took a 9 am yoga class on Monday morning!) but I am missing the consistency of my old life.

This adjustment will take a little time.

I will work until 9:00 pm on two weeknights. Which requires me to determine how late I stay up on those nights I work late and how early I should be getting up on the days that I work in the afternoon and if I should run errands or just go to the gym.

Last night, I worked until 9. And then I went to the grocery store on my way home. I decided to make the recipe that I bought the ingredients for and then all of a sudden it is past 11 and I haven’t blogged and I haven’t had a chance to read and I swear it feels like I have less free time than when I was working 60 hours a week.

I’ll settle in eventually.

It doesn’t help that, in just this first week at my new job, life is finding me plenty of fun little extras that are keeping me from finding a rhythm. Not an evening to clean my bathroom and balance my checkbook to be seen! Instead, it has been drinks with my old coworkers last Wednesday. A visit (ahem) from The Coach on Monday. Dinner with the extended family on Tuesday night.

My summers always feel full of those casual, unplanned gatherings. Where you throw on a sundress after work and gather on a patio somewhere and the nights slip away because the weather is mild and the company is fantastic and it gets dark so gloriously late.

In the interest of perfect summer nights, I will embrace the unscheduled chaos. But only through September.

At which time I will be creating a comprehensive spreadsheet that precisely accounts for every minute I spend working, sleeping, blogging, socializing, eating, online shopping, jogging, commuting, baking, dreaming and, of course, Facebooking.


Kari said...

Working until 9 2 weeknights will be great -- then you have time those mornings to run errands, is amazing how much you can get done while everyone else is at work!
Have a great long weekend!

k said...

I remember when I went from working 70-80 hours a week to just 40-50. At first it was so weird to get used to having time to do things, and free time in general. It actually gave me a lot of anxiety at the beginning - but it didn't take long for me to settle into it. Now I need to be working those crazy hours again though, and I am having a hard time getting myself to do so!

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