Friday, May 20, 2011

The Look

I was walking to the train station today when I noticed a man just ahead of me.

For a moment, I thought he was looking at me. And then I saw his eyes. And it was clear that he was not. You don't look at a stranger with those eyes.

I've seen that look on a man's face before. When he's watching his bride walk down the aisle.

And this man was standing on the street on a Friday. His eyes radiating love and adoration so strongly that a stranger - a stranger from another country, at that - could feel it.

I couldn't help myself. After I passed him, I stopped. I stopped and turned on my heel and, sure enough, he was no longer alone. As he pulled her in with an embrace that appeared as strong as his glance seemed loving, my heart melted.

And I wanted the same for myself.


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