Monday, May 02, 2011

Lacking in filter, but not in cake

Because I am awesome, I made a chocolate cake for my work nemesis’s birthday.

We had quite a few people from outside of the office in the building this morning, so the cake that I made didn’t go quite as far as it usually does. We had just enough pieces to cover everyone. Minus me. There were two pieces left when I left the lunchroom (where we’d gathered to sing and be merry) with a piece of cake in my hand. Being a good little minion, I was delivering a piece to my boss, who was stuck on a conference call.

I ran right into a coworker who had just arrived. I put the plate into his hand. I took the one slice left and gave it to my boss and do you know how many pieces of cake that means that I got? ZERO.

I decided that it was okay that I didn’t get a piece of cake because I did take a generous spoonful of frosting and shove it directly into my face at approximately 6:28 this morning and also it is the right thing to do. I brought the cake. I probably should have brought more cake. But I didn’t so, as a result, I went without. No big deal. I would raid the candy dish to compensate.

My boss emerged from his office a while later. “That was good cake,” he said. “Lots of frosting,” he continued. “When you brought it in, I thought that it sort of looked like a pile of doggy doo.”

“That’s really nice,” I retorted, running my mouth because I could. “I certainly appreciate you telling me that the cake I made looks like shit...”

“Not shit! Doggy doo.”

“Same thing,” I replied. “Do you know that I didn’t even get a piece of that cake that you told me looks like shit?”

Who says that? Who tells somebody (in front of other people, I should add) that the cake that she made looks like shit? He has no filter. And I am honestly going to miss the guy when I don’t miss him anymore, but seriously. What a tool.


Anonymous said...

I think he got too many blows to the head when he played hockey!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

hahahah I seriously was cracking up reading this...I'm SO glad you said something to him...what a tool!

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