Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm just going to take a moment to ramble

This is going to be all over the place. Consider yourself warned.

My parents totally had an appointment with their therapist on Monday morning, which explains why my dad was acting like a complete freak show when he picked me up from the airport on Tuesday. I thought we were over his weepy-emotional-needy post-cheating stage but apparently we are not. I thought we maybe needed some family time with the four of us, so I arranged for us all to go to dinner tonight and to see Bridesmaids. A nice, wholesome movie to see with your parents, right? Perfect. Just what I was looking for.

The Athlete recently proposed to his girlfriend. It isn't like he and I have much contact (when I quit my job, I kind of knew that I would not likely see him again), but it seemed like he was setting this girl up to be The One. After an excellent season with his team in which everything seemed to go right for him, it probably only made sense to top it off with an engagement. I am certainly happy for him even though when I found out I felt a little like the wind had been knocked out of me. But just for a moment.

I do not feel fit. Looking forward to finding a new routine and cashing in a yoga Groupon and shaking this thick feeling that I picked up somewhere between the scrumptious fondue in Switzerland and the sinful risotto in Milan.

So, despite putting in for my vacation before quitting for my job and having the appropriate number of vacation days to cover it, my old boss didn't pay me after my last day. We never discussed it (my bad!) but I assumed (my bad, again!) that he would do the right thing since I had worked for him for six years and kicked all sorts of ass and everything. But did he? No. I'm not mad or really all that surprised but I'm slightly insulted and if those fuckers think that I'm going into that office to help them with a single thing, they are sorely mistaken. If you're going to be cheap with me, I am going to be cheap with you.

I am subbing at my old 'brary today and I had a patron tell me that I have beautiful eyes. I cannot recall ever being told that before.

I would like to write something about The Coach but I would probably have to do a lot of analyzing and I'm just having fun, right? Right.

I'm not really quite sure what to think of my new job.

Since my return, I've spent a ridiculous amount of time researching a dessert that Liz and I had in Switzerland. I almost have it figured out.

I'm hungry. (Like always.)


Susan said...

Um, your old job should totally be paying you. I'm pretty sure you can sue if not.

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