Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Euro Slow Down

I just had the most amazing breakfast.

I ate a lot of cheese. Spectacular cheese. Other things, too, but had I permitted myself to do exactly as I desired, I would have eaten my weight in that spectacular, spectacular cheese.

I drank a lot of coffee. I’m on vacation. Fuck the two coffees per day resolution while I’m here. (Did you know that I legitimately haven’t had more than two cups of coffee per day since the beginning of the year? This caffeine is going to hit me hard.)

I took my sweet ass time. I just chillaxed at the table, engrossed in the book that I’m reading. Sipping my coffee and nibbling at my meal. Completely unlike my everyday routine, which consists of eating breakfast in the car every morning and oftentimes downing an entire cup of coffee in the five minutes I have left at one job before leaving to go to the other.

Truthfully, I am tempted to spend this vacation like I spend my life: going 100 miles per hour, squeezing every second out of every day, afraid to sit down because the inactivity could cause me to miss something. That is how I spent yesterday. After getting off of the plane at the Zurich airport, I took the train into the heart of Zurich. I stowed my luggage in a locker and I set off into the city, determined to see Zurich despite the very, very little sleep I’d gotten (maybe eight hours between my late Sunday night and Monday night on the plane) and the monstrous blister on my heel (which had developed before I’d even left Detroit Metro Airport) and the fact that I had no idea where I was going or what I should see or do.

After getting my fill of Zurich, I had to board a train to Lausanne, which took a few hours, and then take a taxi to where Liz is staying. We aren’t right in Lausanne, which is sort of a bummer and, thus, will require a bit more time/funds/effort/energy for me to go out and do things. Which I’m finding may be a good thing. Like, maybe I could just slow down a touch and enjoy doing a little bit of nothing over a book and some cheese and a carafe of coffee. It worked for me this morning.

I’m going to go to the fitness center and, annoying blister willing, go for a bit of a run. I’m not sure if working out fits the definition of a relaxing vacation, but I think I need it. I didn’t see the gym at all in the craziness of last week (though I did fit in a pair of soccer games) and I would really like to jog off this layer of inactivity. I just find it uncomfortable.

And then I will come back to the room and get ready for the day and maybe head out to see something (I suppose I’ll be spending a bit of time with my guidebook) for a couple of hours. I just need to get back in the early evening, when my cousin Liz is finished with work for the day; we’re going into Lausanne for dinner and whatnot with some of her coworkers.

Which, I think, will make for a day that feels productive enough to my inner overachiever (which is afraid that I will have come all of this way only to waste my time on lame crap such as eating and relaxing – activities that I could do at any random hotel in any number of cities that don’t cost a grand to fly to) but calm enough that I could, for once, be considered somewhat sane.


Kari said...

You don't have to see everythig and do everything -- just enjoy where you are. It is tough, I know I battle with feeling guilty for reading a book when in Europe but it is okay! It is vacation and there is more to traveling than seeing all the churches, museums, etc that are listed in the guidebook. Part of traveling is experiencing the country and by going to a cafe, sitting in a park reading, you are experiencing. Remember it is not a race.
Have fun!

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