Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Customer service extravaganza

Mom and I made a quick trip to Macy’s on Sunday morning. We found ourselves in housewares – as we usually do – and, even though we hadn’t planned it, it was not long until I was picking gifts off of the registry for Maria’s bridal shower.

It was a smart move. With my trip overseas and starting a new job and all of the general craziness of my life, it made sense to take the opportunity and check that obligation off of the list.

I chose a cast iron casserole and a few matching trivets, which I’ll give her along with something small and pretty and not registered for (I’m thinking stationary with her new last name on it). I hauled it to the register along with a Mother’s Day present that I grabbed on the sly: a flex edge beater for her KitchenAid.

After I bought all of that, I had a bag and my coffee in one hand and the casserole (weighing in at approximately two tons) in the other and – oooh! Look, Mommy! Look at those dishes. I love those dishes.

And so we bought those dishes. They were a total steal and I’m pretty sick of the dishes that I have and, oh, why not? So we pick out the place settings and the accessories and get them purchased and then we find out that Macy’s no longer has package pickup services. Nor do they have carts or baskets or lackeys to utilize to get your merchandise to your car. And also we were on the third floor. And had two, maybe three, trips of merchandise just sitting on the counter.

So, we were totally screwed and apparently this was our problem? Like, they were totally doing us the favor of selling us the goods and their responsibility ended there. What do they care if we ever make it to the car? And shouldn’t we be thanking them for the opportunity to get a bit of extra exercise?

Here’s what we had to do in order to get the dishes and the accessories and the casserole and the trivets out to my car:
1. Wave down another mother-daughter duo who had a pair of tabletop grills on some sort of rolling contraption.
2. Beg mother-daughter duo for use of their rolling contraption, which apparently they had to beg the fine folk in the fine china department for use of.
3. Follow mother-daughter duo to the elevator and out to their car. (First going to the wrong parking lot, of course.)
4. Bring rolling contraption back to the third floor.
5. Go back down to the first floor.
6. And then we were supposed to deliver the cart straight back to fine china on the third floor, but, seriously, like that was even going to happen. We just brought it back inside the store.

It was a lot of hoops to jump through in order to have the pleasure of giving Macy’s our money.


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

How weird that they didn't help at all. I always thought that the USA had/has the best customer service and I've always had good experiences with Macy's how disappointing! What colour did you go with for the dishes? They are STUNNING!

doahleigh said...

Lame. But love the dishes!

k said...

Pretty pretty! What color did you get? I also love the trivets!

Thisisme said...

Well dang! That's serious; I can't believe they didn't help!

Anonymous said...

you bought all that for a bridal shower?! I usually buy a cookie sheet and call it a day! What do you get for weddings?

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