Monday, May 30, 2011

Coffee with Colleen

I met Colleen for coffee on Friday afternoon and it was perfectly fine.

There were no tears and no shouting and no lectures and no awkwardness. I didn’t want – and I hadn’t planned – for any of that. There was no point. She wanted to make amends. I wanted to let it go. There wasn’t anywhere to move but forward and so forward is where we went.

...after a Cliff’s Notes update of my life in the last 90 days (the acquisition of an iPhone and a head of super blond hair, playing soccer in a league that Colin runs, crazyinsaneunexpected work drama, a job interview, kicking things off with The Coach, several amazing dinners with Lucy, landing the job, jetting off to Switzerland, starting the job – it’s been a crazy three months!).

...and a Cliff’s Notes update of Colleen’s life in the last 90 days. Not having a job. Getting a kitten. Taking her boyfriend’s dog to the vet and, yep, I think that covers everything she’s done.

I’m clearly not the one who has been missing out due to her absence.

It is nice that we could pick up where we left off with ease. I'm glad that we have that sort of friendship.

At the same time, I'd rather not know that about our friendship. I'd rather that she not be the type of friend who disappears for no reason for months at a time.

But that isn't how friendship works. She's my friend. I'll take her as she is, for who she is. Disappearing act and all.


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