Monday, May 16, 2011

And now I find myself in France

I’m in the home stretch of my vacation. We’re back from Milano (which, despite my bitching, was a wonderful weekend trip that I can’t wait to go on and on about) and, after a brief stop at our hotel in Switzerland late yesterday evening, we were off to another location: a small French town not far from Geneva. It is where Liz has meetings this week and, of course, I am merely along for the ride.

The hotel sits on a lake; after breakfast this morning, I spent an hour this morning jogging twice around the lake. I needed it. Oh, I so needed it. (When I post pictures of what I ate in Milan, you will understand.)

I could go to Geneva today, but I may just stay around the hotel and in this quaint little town and just relax. Tomorrow will be a marathon day of travel (from here to Geneva to Zurich to Amsterdam to Detroit to my little apartment in the suburbs), followed my first day at my new job. I think that it may serve me well to conserve a bit of energy and read my book and drink coffee and burn a few brain cells on Facebook.

The majority of this trip has been exquisitely perfect and the parts that have been less than perfect were irritating but manageable. And the irritations mostly stemmed from my lack of planning (flying in and out of Zurich, for example, was a foolish mistake even if I did enjoy my day there) and a lack of control (Liz is working in the suburbs and, thus, we stay in the suburbs) and I just had to get over it. Letting go and moving on is a lesson that I need to learn over and over and over again.

And now for a few photos:


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks awesome in these pics! :) I can't wait to hear all about the trip and see the pics of food!!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Can't wait to hear more about Milano and hear about the food! To think you have your great new job to come back to is awesome. I think your lack of planning/control is also a lesson I need to learn. I practically break out in hives thinking of not fulling planning out something...which is also something I need to get over. Can't wait to see more pics but I LOVE your yellow jacket/trench seriously so cute. Safe travels home :)

Kari said...

I too love your yellow coat! It looks great on you! Can't wait to hear about the trip AND hear all about your new job!
Glad you are learning to relax on vacation -- it is something I have to constantly remind myself of when I travel. Remember it is not a race!
Safe travels

Thisisme said...

LOVE YOUR COAT!! The trip sounds awesome so far!! (;

my life is brilliant said...

Great photos! I agree your hair looks awesome. I also agree that the yellow trench is fantastic. Can I have it? :)

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