Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Again on the 8th

The Coach was over on Sunday night.

I'm pretty sure that I know better. It is possible that I just don't care. Or maybe I'm simply weak.

It wasn't the first. Or the second. Or the third time he suggested it in the month since our last encounter.

I held off for as long as I did because I am not accustomed to permitting myself such frivolous fun. To letting chance reign. To letting boys into my life who are adorable and risky and intriguing and far too capable of hurting me.

And I sort of feel like I have to make excuses for this thing that we have going on. Yet another place where I suspect I'm going wrong, too.

Maybe I should stop the analysis and stop the excuses and just let it happen.

I can proclaim it stupid later (if need be). I can make excuses for my decisions later (if need be).

It's okay to hope there isn't a need for either, right


Kari said...

Just don't think about it -- have some fun.

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