Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I wouldn’t mind every Sunday being like last Sunday.

I slept in. I drove home and ate breakfast with Meg and Mom.

I packed up Blue and Ellie and met Lucy and her dog, Wolf, at the dog park. Which was absolutely packed, it being the first gorgeous weekend day of the year. The dogs went absolutely wild. And, of course, Blue and Ellie were immediately attracted to the pond-sized puddle that had accumulated in a low spot at the park.

They were a bad influence on Wolf and pulled him in to their shenanigans.

And then Blue got tired and decided to lay down in the water.

She did this several times, actually. Each time drawing the gasps and points and stares and giggles from every other owner at the park. I just shook my head.

When we got home, we found Meg out on the deck. The weather was unseasonably warm - in the 80s - and it didn't take long for me to change into shorts and a tank top and join Meg on the deck with my sunglasses, my book and a glass of ice water in tow.

One of the best parts about lakefront living is how easy it is to get up and wander inside for more refreshments or a trip to the bathroom or the quick check of your work email even though you know better than to check your work email on a Sunday.

It is just very convenient.

Unless you return to the deck to find that your spot has been stolen right from under your nose by a hairy brown creature.

(My mom would die of humiliation if she knew that I posted a picture of her garden in its current state. Summer is much kinder on the surroundings.) (She'd probably die of humiliation if she knew that I blogged at all. But that's a topic for another post.)

Is anyone else as fired up about the return of spring as I am? Am I the only one who celebrated with a little sunburn?


k said...

I would be - if we actually had a spring here. It is in the 30s in the morning and hasn't gotten above 55 deg yet :(

At least I am still skiing...

LLandL said...

Gosh, aren't Labs the best?

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