Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the near future, I will have free time

I made my first attempt at training my replacement yesterday and it went disastrously. I booked the conference room to minimize distractions and it was stolen out from under me. So we worked at my desk, interrupted every few minutes by a phone or a visitor or a random delivery person looking for a signature. My replacement just stared at me, mostly. Which really inspires a lot of confidence.

It is going to be a long two weeks.

It is going to be a long two weeks all around. Technically, it is just 13 days. 13 days until wrap things up and leave my office and go straight to the airport. Straight to Switzerland. Straight towards the future.

Of those 13 days, I will work 11. I have two soccer games. My aunt and uncle will be in from Chicago this weekend. I am hosting the extended family at Mom and Dad's on Mother's Day. I need to pack. I would like to see The Coach after he gets back from his conference (whether I want to punch him or make out with him is still being determined). I will squeeze in a bit of quality time with my darling Lucy upon her return from her two week trip to Israel. I'm going to make a big meal, per my 2011 resolution. I need to clear the videos off of my Flip cam. I need to find out where exactly we're staying and what, exactly, I will be doing when I'm not with Liz. I need to order jerseys for my summer soccer team. I have to convince Meg to let me borrow her dSLR. I'm going to smile through a going away party or two. I'm going to buy Mother's Day presents. I'm going to see Anna, who will be in town next weekend.

I probably won't sleep much. I'll save that for the plane.

And for my new life. The one where I work just one job. At 40 hours per week.


Kari said...

I am soooo excited for you!! You are going to have soo much fun in Switzerland. Be sure to ride some of the trains through the mountains -- it is wonderful. The next 13 days will speed by. Don't worry about sleep -- you will have lots of time to sleep once you are back! As for training your replacement -- do what you can and she will just have to learn to figure out the rest -- that's what you did.

Accidentally Me said...

I am really happy that you decided to go, too! You will love having the break before you start the new job...and don't worry about what you will do when you aren't with Liz, you will figure it out. And if not, just sit outside and read and people watch!!!

Thisisme said...

What a perfect redezvous before your new job!! So glad you decided to go!!!

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