Sunday, April 24, 2011

I love holidays

Today was a mess of cousins and candy and so much noise and a lot of hugs and pictures and silly videos recorded on the Flip camera and egg hunts and Easter baskets and chocolate eclairs and giggles and secret looks of horror shot across the living room and gentle teasing and so many congratulations and ruffles and scratch off lottery tickets and clearing plate after plate after plate and an egg salad sandwich and a little bit of worry and ebelskivers for breakfast and the embarrassingly frequent (and completely unnecessary) checking of my iPhone and more chocolate than I can possibly eat on my own and a pleasantly scented candle and my grandma's wrinkly hands grabbing onto my face and and one really awesome, really long run by myself where I had lots of time to think and also prepare myself for the insanity that is a day stuffed full of family.

I am so tired.

I adored every second of it.


Anonymous said...

If there was a "like" button, I'd like this. Long runs are like pushing the reset button for me. They wipe away worry and negativity and I always feel like I'm starting fresh after one.

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