Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm a sucker for accessories

My father - oh, my darling father - insisted on buying my mom an iPhone for Valentine's Day.

An interesting choice, considering that she has very little interest in owning a smart phone. And because she does not know how to charge or load her iPod shuffle.

"Don't get it," Meg told him. "She doesn't want it. You're wasting your money."

"Maybe you could...ask her? Like, see if that's something that she thinks that she might likes?" I tried to be more delicate and less blunt. Telling him that it was THE WORST IDEA EVER, like Meg did, didn't work.

Not that it wasn't. Totally the worst idea ever. The iPhone is genuinely not my mom's thing. Just like striptease aerobics isn't her thing. Just like soap operas aren't her thing.

Oh, and also there's the whole You Cheated On Her And Now You're Trying Too Hard layer to this tasty cake.

I'm not even going to go there.

Instead, we'll skip ahead to Valentine's Day. Where my father's grand gift was met with a less than enthusiastic reaction by his valentine.

Shocking, really.

Just over a week after my mom failed to flip for his high tech display of affection, I took Dad to see the Red Wings/Sharks game. While we were watching the teams take the ice, he offered up the iPhone to me.

I told him that I'd think about it.

And then I went home and immediately bought a case for my new phone.

What girl doesn't need a phone case that matches the wallpaper in Kate Spade's flagship store?

The iPhone will probably be pretty cool, too.


Kari said...

I had to laugh! Of course your dad would buy your mom an Iphone (I can just hear his logic in his head -- it is the most popular gift, why wouldn't she like it. You can do everything with it. It will save her time, she will love it.) She likely would have rather had 26 books!
I hope you enjoy your Iphone! Think of it as payment for rent at your apartment! Love the case!

Thisisme said...

Love the iPhone.
LOVE the case!!!
Enjoy it!

Teagan B. Sawyer said...

That case is so fricking cute! I love the colours...and it reflects Kate Spade's flagship store?!...seriously perfect. Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds like my mom. My mom is a smart woman, who spends plenty of time on the computer, but doesn't really have a need for technology like a smart phone. I continue to say that I don't want one, that it would be such a time suck and I want to stay disconnected, but once I get a "real" job, I'll probably get an iphone too!

Anonymous said...

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