Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas Miracle

I get freaked out by Christmas. I don't try to hide it. When you have 19 bazillion things going on in your life, plus a family that is prone to major drama, plus a gift-buying phobia, plus the desire to bake every cookie known to man in order to celebrate the big day? It gets a little bit stressful.

Except for this year.

I am KICKING ASS this year.

Do you know what I've done? No. But I'm going to tell you. This is what I have done: finished (!!!!!) my shopping (except that I should buy something else for my day but, uh, whatever. Not his biggest fan these days), made approximately 8 dozen sugar cookies, hosted a sugar cookie frosting party with Colleen and Lucy, wrapped every present (except those that I'm waiting for delivery on), purchased/wrapped/gifted a very popular present for the random office gift exchange, and picked out the two appetizers I'm making for Christmas Eve.

It is The Christmas Miracle, my friends. I am so fired up about this. I am so excited not to be furiously wrapping presents five minutes before we leave for our Christmas Eve party. I am so thrilled that I will have no reason to stand in line at the bookstore for a half hour on the 23rd.

Not that I should be bragging. Not yet.

I have not made it through the family time. We have not dodged the drama. I cannot yet boast that we made it through the holiday without any punches being thrown (literally or verbally or otherwise).

Knock on wood for me, please.

And feel free to be jealous of everything I've accomplished thus far.


Anonymous said...

My shopping is done too and I love it! Yay, we rock!

Kair said...

Yeah!!! Christmas is going to be great!
I'm done my shopping....just need to pack (we go somewhere warm every year for Christmas). Not looking forward to having to be at the airport for 3am on the 23rd...d@mn international flights!

Mrs. Architect said...

I'm with you too on this one!! All our shopping is DONE!!!! Phew!! I, too, for the first time EVER am done this soon!!! And with so many GOOD gifts too!! :o)

A said...

YAY, all of us. We are champion shoppers. :)

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