Monday, November 29, 2010

I am full of questions

I wonder if I should read before bed or if I should watch Gossip Girl.

I wonder what posessed my boss's daughter to friend me on Facebook; I wonder what gave me the impression that accepting the friend request was a good idea.

I wonder if my family is ever going to feel normal again. Normal for us, I mean. Not normal normal. That'll never happen.

I wonder if Luke thinks that I disappeared on him. When really all I did was give up on him after he stood me up.

I wonder why I even bother thinking about Luke.

I wonder if I have any chance at this job I'm applying for.

I wonder how horrified the next poor girl to give me a pedicure will be. Although, I'm fairly certain I know. VERY horrified.

I wonder if I'm as awkward as I assume I am.

I wonder why it is that my brain had to go ALERT! ALERT! when I was driving home on Saturday night, reminding me that, one year ago, I was at a bar flirting with The Groomsman. When he was full of potential and not full of shit.

I wonder if my cousin Danielle will see Black Swan with me this weekend.

I wonder if Black Swan is even playing in Detroit this weekend.

I wonder what I should buy Meg for Christmas.

I wonder if my mom is sick of my dad following her around like a lost little puppy.

I wonder if I can talk Lucy into a spa day when we're in Vegas.

I wonder how exhausting tomorrow will be.

I wonder if I should keep going or if I should wrap this post up.


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