Thursday, October 07, 2010

Virtually a waterfall

As of late, everything (seriously – EVERYTHING) makes me cry. Expose me to something that contains any amount of emotion, be it happiness or exhilaration or uneasiness or amazement, I’m probably going to well up with tears.

On the webpage for the charity 10K Meg and I ran on Sunday was this story of a runner. Last year, he ran with his ill very ill, young son in a jogging stroller with the son’s cardiologist running alongside of him. This year, the father and the cardiologist ran together. The dad pushed an empty jogging stroller. In memory of his son.

I cried when I read it on the website. I held back tears when I told Meg the story when we were waiting at the starting line. I thought about it when I was running the course and blinked back tears again. And I could cry now.

I hear the UM fight song and I want to cry.

I think about all of the wonderful things that Lucy and Colleen did for me when my family was falling apart and I want to cry.

I’m remembered of a moment from our time in South Africa and I want to cry.

I mull over my job prospects and I want to cry.

I recall the joy that burst out of Ellie when I took her off of the leash at the dog park and I want to cry.

Would someone kindly explain this to me? Is this a side effect of aging? I was never like this. I would sit, stone-faced, through a sad movie. I’d occasionally get a lump in my throat when I witnessed an event that was particularly exceptional, but I never cried. Not like this. Not during health system commercials and after seeing a barista at Starbucks gives a free drink to someone and when I see a mother pick up her child and during Grey’s Anatomy and – name it, boys and girls. Name it and I’ve probably teared up because of it.

It’s sort of nice to know that I’m not a robot, though.

I’ve suspected it in the past.


my life is brilliant said...

That running story made me want to cry. If I'd read it and run it, I would have.

I cry every time I hear the national anthem.

I cry anytime I see anything showing appreciation for the military.

I tear up when I see soldiers in uniform at the airport.

I cry at sad movies. At commercials.

I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy because it made me cry every week.

I cried for hours after watching My Girl when I was in the 3rd grade. Same deal with Titanic a few years later. (Seriously, my parents griped at me because I wouldn't quit crying.)

When I come to the end of a long run or bike ride (the event itself, not the training), I always tear up. I think it's the relief that it's done. :)

Anyway, you're in good company. Good tear-stained, puffy-eyed company.

Anonymous said...

OMGod i've cried every day for like 2 weeks. (pretty much from my 26th birthday onward.) glad to know i'm not alone!

Thisisme said...

I just think there are phases in a girls life that cause emotions to boil over. Especially ladies that have a lot resting on their shoulders and hang tough for most of their days!!

Goldilocks said...

I could have written pretty much word-for-word MLIB's comment. Esp with the military. Anytime in an airport, on a plane, or at a ballgame when the crowd applauds for service men in uniform, I cry. I can't even tell the story about the airport greeters here without crying.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I cry at EVERYTHING!!!

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