Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Destination: Chicago

Meg and I planned this trip a couple of months ago. A quick jaunt to Chicago. Watch the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team play Poland at Soldier Field. Do a bit of shopping. Maybe go to Second City. You know.

The plan was to not see Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed because, um, well, because they’re difficult and controlling and I’d be okay with never going to their house again.

We’ve done this before, the Chicago Trip That Isn’t A Family Trip.

When I went to look at hotel rooms, I had a little surprise. Our trip was the same weekend as the Chicago Marathon. Saturday night rooms? Very expensive. Very hard to come by.

But Meg has to coach on Sunday mornings anyway, so we’d just drive home after the soccer match.

I used Priceline to get a room for Friday night. (Side note: I love Priceline. I love the bidding. I love the game.) And we were all set. Hurray!

Last weekend, we found out that Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed were going to be out of town.

So, Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed talk my grandma into watching their dogs for them while they’re gone. She always does that. Goes to Chicago to stay with their dogs even though their two adult children live in the city and could watch the dogs instead. She brings my grandpa along. Grandpa and Grandma would be in town when we were in town! Talk about timing. If we knew that we could just stay with them at Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed’s house, we would have stayed with them instead of booking a room.

But the room is non-refundable and oh well. Staying at the hotel assures that we’re five steps from prime shopping at all times.

Yesterday, Grandma calls. Grandpa doesn’t want to go to Chicago anymore. Grandma asks for a ride to Chicago.

OF COURSE, Grandma. Of course. We’ll drop you off at Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed’s and it will be easy-peasy. You’ll take a flight home in a few days. We’ll leave after the soccer game. Simple.

Grandma just called back. “I just talked to your Aunt Louise and she’s cancelled her trip,” she tells me. “But she would like me to visit anyway. So I was thinking that I could drive there and back with you.”

And our cute little sister trip to Chicago has turned into a trip to visit family who isn’t really very fun or nice. I can see how this is going to play out: Aunt Louse bullies us into having dinner with us on Friday night. Uncle Ed gives us a hard time about staying at the hotel. Uncle Ed wants to chauffer us to the game. Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed rag on us about leaving on Saturday and how unsafe it is and how we should most definitely stay at their house and leave in the morning and – sorry – that isn’t a suggestion, it is an order.


I fear that this whole weekend is just going to be a giant battle for control between me (I’m quite sensitive when it comes to my aunt and uncle and their regular willingness to tell me exactly what is best for me, whether I ask for their opinion or not) and my aunt (who, honestly, is pushy and demanding).

This will be great practice at being assertive.


Accidentally Me said...

You need a cover story...meeting a friend from college that you haven't seen in a while for dinner. Reservations at such and such a time so you have a hard deadline to leave, etc. Heck, maybe you have another friend coming in from...oh, San Francisco?...and you are staying in the hotel with her and that is part of the fun.

Just takes some planning and creativity:-)

Goldilocks said...

Good luck. If you learn the art to assertiveness, pass on the lesson plan. I need to schooling in that myself!

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