Friday, September 24, 2010

We met in the snack aisle

So, I got hit on at Trader Joe’s on Sunday night. I don’t know how it is that I forgot to blog about this until now. Maybe it is because I’m still not sure that it happened. He might have just been really friendly. The employees at Trader Joe’s usually are.

He stopped me because of the t-shirt that I was wearing. UM hockey. “Are you a fan?”


We chatted about it for a minute. And our conversation slipped over into soccer – he plays, too – and then slipped to education/career (he also graduated from UM and is a graphic designer. In addition to being a Trader Joe’s associate. And teaching guitar lessons. But whatever.) and the year we graduated from high school (both of us representin’ the class of 2000) before jumping back to soccer.

“I play on a team on Monday nights, you should play with us!” He’s handing me his card, telling me to see about joining his team. Seeing, of course, requires me to call Colin. Colin who runs the league. Not that Trader Joe knows that. But, seriously. It couldn’t be easy, right?

I haven’t seen about joining his team. My Mondays are a little stretched for the next few weeks. I wouldn’t be a reliable player. And I haven’t called him or emailed him or even looked him up on Facebook, believe it or not. I guess I could? Maybe tell him that I’d be happy to be a sub for his team through the end of this session.

I don’t know why I haven’t. Bothered to get into contact with him, I mean.

I’ve been running (literally – like training for a half-marathon) a lot this week but I’ve also been doing a lot of not-work-at-work this week so surely I can send an email except for, I don’t know. I have no excuse. Unless “ugh, blah” is an excuse.

And I wonder why I’m single.


k said...

I think saying you'll sub is a great idea. Very non-committal, but it opens the door for the future!

Mrs. Architect said...

Oooh, GREAT idea k!!!

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