Sunday, September 26, 2010


I haven't done a productive thing with my weekend, other than two weeks worth of laundry, and I'm feeling okay about it.

Dad is out of town for the weekend, so I've stayed with Mom. We haven't done much of anything, other than catch up on the contents of her DVR (Detroit 187 and Hardcore Pawn on Friday night; Project Runway and On the Road With Austin & Santino last night) and eat Chinese food. I think that's okay.

I'm so proud of my mom. She is so tough. We didn't stay in and watch TV and eat Chinese food and hang out with the dogs because she cannot leave the house. Or because she's inconsolable. Or because she can't function or anything like that. We did it because that's what we like to do. She is holding her head high. She is handling herself with enviable amounts of dignity.

I haven't written much about this whole discovering-Dad-is-having-an-affair ordeal since it all came out. I think about what I want to write, but I never write it. The words came much easier when it was in the abstract. When I was suspicious. Now it is part of my life. Part of who I am. I have a sister. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. I play soccer. My hair is curly. My dad cheated on my mom.

It is incredibly real.

Eventually, I will write about it. I will tell you all about how angry Meg is. I'll write about the questions that Mom asks me and the conversations that we've had. I'll tell you about how I'm doing. I'll explain my feeling that, no matter how this all turns out, we're all going to be okay.


Anonymous said...

Take your time.

And "we're all going to be okay" - good to hear!

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