Monday, September 06, 2010

Meg goes for the throat

Dad went from "we'll talk about this tomorrow" (which Meg refused) to "tell your mom we're going to the store. We'll talk in the car."

Meg and Dad "went to the store." I stayed at home because, well, it all happened so quickly and I didn't really want to draw any more attention to what was going on. mom was at the house, doing a bit of work in her office, during this entire ordeal.

Meg, who is closer to Dad, didn't pull any punches. She didn't give him sympathy. She didn't pretend that anything about the situation was okay. She forced him to admit to it. That this woman had given him head and that he was "dealing with the guilt."

"Call her," Meg told him. "I want to talk to her."

Dad said that he would have to think about it. But, when he crutched into the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions, he sent The Other Woman a text message, asking her to call.

And, shortly after he got to the car, she did.

"Meg wants to talk to you." He handed over the phone.

"You CUNT." That's how Meg started her rant. I don't remember exactly everything she said, but it was good. It was really good. It was angry and mean and so, so much truth. "How dare you do that. How dare you be so disrespectful to go into another woman's home. With pictures of me and my sister all around. Who do you think that you are? How would you feel if there was another woman in your home? How would that feel?"

"I would feel a lot like you did," she answered. "I am so, so sorry."

"You stay away from my family," Meg said to her. "No phone calls. No emails. No text messages. No Facebooking. Stay away."

She went on and on and on. "I've never yelled at anyone like that before," she admitted to me at home, while showing me her shaking hands. "Nothing even close to that."

At one point, she got so vicious that my dad told her to stop. "Oh no," she told him, "I will stop when I am done."

They came home with sweet tea vodka, lemonade and Dad's prescriptions.

"Who wants a drink?" Meg asked, cheerfully, as she burst in the front door upon their return. I could see the tears in her eyes.

"I do!"

I've never answered that question so quickly in my life.


my life is brilliant said...

Oh my God, I LOVE your sister.

I am so sorry that this is happening. I hope that's all of the story with the woman and your dad. I hope that's all that's happened (not that that's nothing, but it's better than full-on sex, and it's definitely better than love), and I hope that's where it ends.

Good for Meg for making this terrible woman see how selfish she's being. Good for you for getting it off your chest. Good for you AND Meg for confronting him. Good for him for 'fessing up.

I hope you feel a little better now.

Man, what a weekend ...

doahleigh said...

God what a crazy effing situation, with you two caught in the middle. I'm so sorry - how awful. I just hope you and Meg give your dad as much shit as she gave that woman. Maybe it's not my place to say that, I don't know your dad, but sounds like they're both pretty guilty.

Either way, I hope you and Meg are ok. And your mom...

Bill Robertson said...

good. i just hope your dad doesn't text or call her again. don't forget who invited her into your home in the 1st place. he had choices to make and he made bad ones. things like this are not accidental; the people involved have to want them to happen.

once trust is broken, it has to be earned, it shouldn't be freely given. your dad should be kept on a short leash.

give a "you go, girl" to meg.

Kari said...

Glad your sister had it out with him and with the skank. I have no words of wisdom -- while my parents are divorced-- it wasn't because of a third party-- it was because my father has anger issues.
Keep writing about it -- you are meant to write and it is healing for you to write.
Hope you are able to get some sleep -- lots and lots of hugs

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