Monday, September 20, 2010


I am in love.

I went running as soon as I got up yesterday morning and, to pass the time, I like to look at all of the houses that are for sale (this is Michigan and, thus, there are generally quite a few to check out as I’m pounding the pavement) and decide if it is somewhere I would like to live.

I’ve been running in a really adorable downtown area that is surrounded by these cute, mature neighborhoods with yards that are just the right size and houses that don’t all look the same and, seriously, I’m a little in love with it. The only thing better would be living on a lake but, come on, the only way I’m going to have a house on a lake is if I double my income. And by that I mean get married.

That’s another subject entirely.

Back to the run.

So, I’m jamming to my iPod – probably to something slightly embarrassing in any situation except when you’re workin’ on your fitness – and I turn down a street that I’ve never been down and…oooooh la la. Look at that house that is tiny and adorable.

I don’t know what made me remember the name of the realtor. Or what inspired me to look it up online after I got home.

But that adorable damn house is even cuter on the inside. And cheap. Really cheap.

Of course. Of course it is just beyond my reach.

I can’t buy a house.

Nothing in my life is stable and, if I’ve learned anything in the last few years, I’ve learned that investing in real estate when you’re on shaky ground is pretty much the worst idea ever.

I can’t buy a house when I haven’t yet landed that new job. That new job that I keep applying for. That I need sending out résumés in search of. That new job that is so bloody elusive that it is driving me absolutely insane. That new job that is located in Metro Detroit. In Kalamazoo. In North Carolina. In Germany.

I hate this, in case you were wondering. I hate this, working 60 hours a week and looking for a job and renting and apartment and WAITING ALL THE TIME for my stupid fortunes to change.

Being an adult fucking sucks.

I really love that house.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I hate when that happens.

Stace said...

Oh how I love "I don't know what made me remember the realtor" :) When it rains it pours. I 100% completely feel you. *sigh* one day things will change, and we'll look back and have to think about the hard times. xoxox

Accidentally Me said...

Buy it! Don't worry about the details, just buy it and be happy! Meg can rent a room for a while:-)

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