Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A little here, a little there

I just finished reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. I don’t normally read those pink-and-girly-shoe-or-purse-on-the-cover-chick-lit sorts of books and apparently there’s a reason for that: I don’t really care for ‘em.

It is Restaurant Week here in the D and, last night, two of my work friends took me out for an early birthday celebration. We snagged reservations at a real local establishment – one of those places you know by name and reputation, even if you’ve never dined there. ...which I hadn’t.

The meal was delightful.

First Course: Roasted Corn and Crab Bisque (Garnished with cilantro lime crème fraîche)
Second Course: Mélange of Shellfish (Sautéed shrimp, scallops and lobster on a bed of angel hair pasta with lobster Champagne sauce, garnished with crisp filo pastry and broccoli florets)
Third Course: Mango Crème Brûlée (Mango-accented baked custard, topped with caramelized sugar and fresh berries)

And, while the Restaurant Week menus have a fixed, reasonable price and my dates obviously knew what they were in for, I felt quite guilty letting them buy me dinner. Especially with the knowledge that one of the girls is struggling financially. I’m sure she could’ve spent that money elsewhere, you know?

Her birthday is in a few weeks. Note to self: come up with something fantastic.

How much coffee is too much coffee? Because I'm turning into one of those people who downs a minimum of three cups a day. And seriously not enough water. Who has a trick for that?

My half-marathon is in just under three weeks. Fear! Panic!

Just in time, all of my running technology is failing me. My iPod shuffle is completely dead and no longer being recognized by my computer when I plug it is and therefore seems to be destined to join my iPod Nano in the electronics graveyard that is the bottom drawer of my desk. Which leaves me with my second generation iPod. Awesome. I might as well run with my laptop strapped to my arm.

My heart rate monitor has also taken a turn for the worse. The watch battery died. I got the watch battery replaced. And then it died again. And I got it replaced. And then the battery in the monitor died.


I don’t need any of those newfangled toys to run the half-marathon. I just need to run. Which, unfortunately, I’m probably not doing quite enough of, with all of the fancy restaurant birthday celebrations and dog park visits and two jobs and assorted other foolishness. I’ll be paying for it on October 17!

And, just for good measure, Meg and I are running a 10K on Sunday. We’re also registered for the 10K on Thanksgiving Day.

I should mention that we both continue to insist that we’re not runners.

Denial much?

I don’t consider myself a big TV watcher but OMG, GOSSIP GIRL AND GREY’S ANATOMY ARE BACK ON.

I’m also filling my DVR with episodes of Detroit 187 and Hardcore Pawn (a reality show about a pawn shop in Detroit), to fill my quota of hometown pride, as well as My Generation, to fill my quota of Class of 2000 pride (although I hear it is just horrible).

Anything else that should be on my radar? I have a few seasons of Weeds on DVD, in addition to all of Dexter and Mad Men. And little to no time.

But, like my "to read" list, my "to watch" list is always growing. And growing and growing and growing. I'll never catch up and I don't care. So - suggestions! Hit me up.


Anonymous said...

Big Love! i'm obsessed. though it may be a little surreal.

Susan said...

Get a Creative MP3 player! I much prefer them to the ipod and they are cheaper (you can get 4-8GB for $40-$60) and they come in all sorts of juicy colors. Plus, they have built in radios. (For me this is key.)

Also, are you watching the Vampire Diaries by any chance? I think you'd love it!

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