Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm whiny this week

“So, how is this going for you? Do you think...” my manager was wearing this sympathetic look on her face and it was so damn genuine that I wanted to puke. “…do you think that you’re going to stick with this?”

She meant librarianship.

We were having yet another quarterly review. Another quarterly review where she tells me how great that I’m doing, wonders aloud how I can manage to hold down two jobs without losing my mind, suggests that perhaps someone will retire (which, if I’m lucky, will mean merely an increase in hours, rather than a full-time position) and assures me that she completely supports my looking elsewhere and promises me that she will do anything within her power to help me advance my career.

“I used to be such a cheerleader for this profession,” she sighed.

You and me both, lady.

I bought into the hype. I went to graduate school buying everything that my grad school was selling. About a massive wave of retirements that would bring a shortage of librarians. More open positions than qualified candidates to fill them.

I didn’t research their claims and that is entirely my fault.

Library schools are churning out armies of graduates. And then there are schools like mine, which cannot resist the temptation of offering the program completely online, too. Just to flood the market just a little more.

There’s something like four library school graduates to every one job.

I made a mistake.

A really expensive mistake.


Anonymous said...

not to take away from your whine, as i know it is rather theraputic - but the economy just sucks. i don't know if you'd be better off in other professions either. i know that we keep churning out engineers here and there is no where for them to go. it is frustrating for sure, but don't think of it as a mistake.

Mrs. Architect said...

I agree with K COMPLETELY!

my life is brilliant said...

Well said, K!

A said...

Good point.

I guess that the part that feels like such a mistake is, well, the time/effort/money for the degree. Because if I hadn't spent the time/effort/money for the degree I would still be right here. This exact place. There is no difference. Except I have 15 less hours a week (which I spend at my PT job, trying to keep myself relevant) and more student loans.

Mostly I would like to stab myself in the eye with a fork.

If I would've known that I couldn't get a job out of school, I would've just gotten a master's in English or a MFA in creative writing.

In summation: I am bored and crabby. :)

doahleigh said...

That breaks my heart. I used to work in a library and have a lot of librarian friends who are in that boat with you. Yes, the economy sucks across the board, but library schools are really cranking them out, and the actual libraries are cutting budgets!

At least public libraries. Any luck in university or law libraries?

Hate to be downer when the others were cheery, but I guess I just sympathize. I think someday you'll land the position that makes it all worth it, but this stretch you're in right now? Kinda sucks huh?

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