Sunday, August 29, 2010

Worry, worry

[I really need to start recapping my weekends before 10:00 on Sunday night. By the time I get into bed with my laptop (what? It is warm and good company), I'm already halfway to dreamland.]

I don't think I mentioned that my dad broke his ankle, but he did - quite severely, and he's in a cast and on crutches. My mom is in Florida for a few days, so I went to stay with him with the expectation that I'd make his life a little bit easier. And I did, I think. Laundry and dishes and vacuuming and watering Mom's gardens and letting the dogs out and other assorted things that aren't entirely compatable with crutches.

He was really, really fucking annoying the entire weekend. I wanted to punch him in the throat.

But I was still helpful, which I believe qualifies me for good daughter status regardless of the whole throat-punching desire.

I have a hurricane of thoughts about my time at home this weekend. I can't decide if I should be blogging about any of it, to be perfectly honest. But I also can't stand holding all of this in. And I could use a little bit of advice.

If you're a betting person, I'd put money down on this all coming out at some point.


Accidentally Me said...

Several thoughts:

1) I like the new look around here:-)

2) The throat punching made me laugh

3) Feel free to spill it! That is what blogs are for, no?

Mrs. Architect said...

I noticed you changed your "about me a little while a new look - LOVE!!...and it looks like the "about me" changed again bc what the heck is this about a tattoo????? Did I miss that somewhere? Details!!!

And what ever happened to the pet turtle?

Mrs. Architect said...

Nothing is more therapeutic than blogging. :o) And we're your support system anytime you need us!

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