Monday, August 02, 2010

One day weekends and other babbling

OMG, ya’ll. What happened to the weekend?!

Oh, I know! It was only one day long! No wonder it passed me by so quickly!

Probably a very obvious statement: working six days a week really sucks. If I could work those five hours at the end of some other day – or two – I totally would. Five really long days > six slightly shorter days.

I just want two days off in a row!

Okay. Enough with the whining.

Do you guys want to talk about how excited I was about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding? I’m not even kidding. I was watching ABC World News on Friday night and she was featured as the Person of the Week and I was filled with the warmth of a thousand suns and the joy of baby unicorns. I am clearly losing my mind. Or perhaps I am just buoyed by the mere knowledge that Chelsea Clinton, who was once suggested to be my doppelganger when we were both young and awkward and frizzy, is a bride and maybe one day I will be, too. Maybe. I’m not telling.

So, I had a soccer game yesterday and I managed not to humiliate myself. Well, that’s not true. I played so bad that I humiliated myself. But I didn’t slip and fall into a mud puddle while wearing white shorts. Hurray!

I still haven’t ordered prints of my pictures from South Africa. Or blogged about my trip. Or put away that pile of stuff from my suitcase that is still sitting in the middle of my living room. (Horrific.) Or made some sort of epic, hilarious, fun, moving video montage from our trip. What happened to the last five weeks?

And that’s the story from southeastern Michigan, boys and girls. I hope that you all had fantastical weekends. And that you had more than just one day off. That sucks, by the way. Having only one day off. Totally brutal. Did I mention that?


Kari said...

Move to Canada -- it was a long weekend here! Plus for the next two weeks you can tour the world without leaving the city. I discovered that Sudanese food is amazing.

Mrs. Architect said...

I had two days off and it only felt like one. Sucks! Why can't we make the weeks 8 days long so we have 3 days off. I'd still do the whole 5-day-work-week...I just want longer weekends!

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