Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My four weeks of slobdom

As you may recall, I came back from South Africa sick. Upper respiratory infection, the plague, giraffe's cough: diagnose me however you'd please, Dr. BlogReaders, I'm just glad that it is gone.


It took a while. A really long while. A month, perhaps, of feeling crappy upon my return. I would cough and sniffle and whine my way through my workdays and my weekends. I went to bed early. And I completely trashed my apartment.

Seriously, you guys. I will admit to being a fairly neat person by nature, but this place was trashed even by a slob's standards. Two-full-suitcases-in-the-living-room, four-foot-pile-of-clothes-behind-the-bathroom-door, sink-full-of-dishes, can-you-even-see-yourself-in-that-mirror trashed.

Had someone come over (and I was certainly not inviting anyone over) I would have been humiliated. Like, I would probably be forced to eradicate that person from my life. Unless it was my mom, because you can never eradicate your mom from your life. I'd just have to eradicate my ear drums because she NEVER would have let me hear the end of that. For sure.

So, I was sick for a month. And, for the last month, I've been digging out of my post-South Africa, giraffe's cough-induced slobness. I am finally at the point where my apartment looks habitable and - holy shit, what a frickin' difference. Had I remembered how nice it is to not live in a complete hellhole, I totally would've buckled down and cleaned this place like a damn fool on the first day I felt remotely healthy.

Without a doubt, the biggest difference is in the kitchen. When my counters are spotless and my sick is empty, I sleep better at night. I am completely serious. I need a clean kitchen to feel like a productive member of society. That's what counts. Even if there's two weeks of workout clothes polluting the airspace in my bedroom.

Am I the only one here? Is there a room or a place or a thing that you absolutely have to keep clean?

And, your must-clean area the same as your mother's? Because, maybe my mom wipes down her kitchen counter on an hourly basis and nags when there's dishes in the sink. Maybe.


Mrs. Architect said...

YES! It's a tie for kitchen and bathroom - i'm not sure which one would beat the other.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in my house is clean :)

my life is brilliant said...

I'm with you and Goldilocks. I eat in the kitchen, so it has to be clean. And I HATE dirty dishes in the sink.

The bathroom? If the sink is messy, I feel like I can't get clean. If the shower looks dirty, I can't get clean in it. And if the toilet is disgusting, I'm not using it. (Thankfully, our bathroom never gets to that state.)

I just feel like no matter how hectic my life is, as long as my house is in order, that's one thing that's not a complete clusterfuck. :)

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