Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Movie and mom time

I rocked the vote yesterday after work. I was only a few miles from Mom and Dad's, so I stopped at home.

Meg was there, too. She wanted to squeeze in a little bit of time at the lake before spending her night coaching hockey. And she needed to exercise her right to vote, too.

My mom - who had foot surgery last week - declared it too hot to cook and she ordered Chinese food from the restaurant that is conveniently located on Dad's route home. He picked it up. We ate. Meg went to mentor her little hockey girls.

And I took Mom (and the little scooter she uses to get around) to the movies at the art theater a few towns over: The Girl Who Played With Fire. I finished the book on Sunday and I didn't think I could even get through the workweek without seeing the movie. It was pretty awesome. Mom got a coffee and we chilled out in the air conditioning.

(It is so humid here. So, so humid. And my 'rents didn't have the air conditioning on until last night because they're totally nutzo in their belief that, because they live on a lake, they should always have the windows open. Fools!)

On the surface, it was a waste of an evening. I didn't get to the gym. I skipped on soccer. I didn't pay bills. I didn't order the prints of our South Africa photos even though I've been meaning to for weeks. I didn't read and I got to bed too late.

But it was a little bit of perfect.


k said...

I saw The Girl Who Played with Fire last night too!! How funny!

As we walked out, we remarked how we forgot just how violent and gruesome parts of it are (I mean, I know Lisbeth was beaten up, shot at, and buried alive - but damn did she look horrible!). We all thought that about the first movie too. I guess when reading you can just skim over some of those parts if you want to.

I am curious how the US version will differ. I've heard it is going to be much less graphic. I don't neccessarily agree with this, but I do think it will make it more watchable for Americans in general.

Mrs. Architect said...

That sounds like a whole LOT of perfect!!!

my life is brilliant said...

How fun! Much more memorable and meaningful than any night at the gym.

Bill Robertson said...

i am so jealous - i am dying to see that movie and i can't find it playing anywhere within 50 miles - i guess i'll have to trek all the way to chicago

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