Friday, August 27, 2010

If it happened regularly, it wouldn't seem so perfect

It isn’t often that I find myself completely falling in love with my life. You know, those moments when you want to wrap yourself up in your surroundings like you’d wrap yourself in a sum-warmed beach towel after a quick dip in the Great Lake of your choosing.

Last night was one of those nights.

Lucy and I went to a concert, which never fails to stir up all sorts of nostalgia. Just the two of us in the car, snacks packed for the ride home, tickets in my purse. We engineer our concert experiences in 2010 just like we did it in 1999. There is something so comforting in the repetition. I want to go to concerts with her when we’re 60. I want to pack us granola bars and water and laugh at the drunk assholes who will undoubtedly be seated nearby.

Something about last night was especially perfect. The weather was the perfect mixture of summertime and fall – tank tops and jeans. The venue was the perfect size. Our seats were just close enough. We drank just enough wine and snacked on just enough food. And, oh, Ray LaMontagne’s voice. DREAMY. And, oh, David Gray on stage. ADORABLE.

It was such a perfect night. I wish I could bottle it up and uncork it on those imperfect days. Just take a whiff of it, really. That’s all I would need to remember it. To remember that, among the monotony of days exist these little glimpses of perfection and, as long as I keep going, another will come eventually come along.

As they always do.


my life is brilliant said...

Did you get pictures from that night -- any pictures? Of the stage, of the sky, of you and Lucy ... If so, FRAME ONE!!! Every time you look at it, it'll remind you of that feeling.

If you didn't take your camera, then frame the tickets.

So many of the pictures in our house are more than just pictures for me.

Unknown said...

ahhhh perfection!

ps. I love that you said "in the Great Lake" for your dip, at first, I was like, what?! And then I realized that's just your version of the ocean :) :)

Mrs. Architect said...

SO jealous!! I love David Gray!!!!

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