Monday, August 16, 2010

I am fabulously classy

Soccer. Sunday. Playing the team that I made my fantastic fall against.

I took a corner kick for our team and, I swear, I nearly fell after I kicked the ball. Back on my heel with my kicking leg extended out in front of me. It would've been pretty ugly.

"Did you that?" I asked my teammate as I jogged past her. "I almost fell. This is the team that I busted my ass on that throw in again and I nearly did it again. What. The. FUCK?"

I said it pretty loud. I know that I did because as soon as the f-bomb slipped out of my mouth, I realized how close the (extremely picky, uptight, old) referee was standing to me. Thankfully, he ignored my potty mouth.

I had barely finished my sigh of relief when a girl from the other team comes up to me. "Hey! Don't you work at MyCity Library? You helped me find Water for Elephants yesterday!"

Ah, yes. That's me. Your classy local librarian.


my life is brilliant said...

Sounds like my kind of librarian! ;)

Mrs. Architect said...

Love it! You crack me up!!!

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