Sunday, August 15, 2010

The good overwhelmed the bad

I gave my cell phone a shower. Threw it in a drawstring backpack with a bottle of water. A leaky bottle of water. I'm only a little bitter - and only because I lost my contacts (and some cute texts from The Athlete that I couldn't bring myself to delete). It was time for a new phone anyway.

The reason that I was tossing things into a backpack was because Lucy and I were going on a dog park adventure. We brought her sweet little Wolf and Ellie and Blue and Aunt Marie's dog, Hank.

Oh, and the dogs had so much fun. Ellie gets a lot out of an open space and the opportunity to run - she stays on a chain at Mom and Dad's because she cannot be trusted to stay in the yard. And Blue just wants to play fetch. And Hank, he's just so cute and old, bumbling around and introducing himself to all of the other dogs. Wolf likes to run with Ellie, chasing her in circles with his tongue flapping in the air.

They're all just so cute and happy. It rubs off. I left the dog park 100% cuter and happier than I'd been before we'd gone. And that was after I discovered that I ruined my damn phone.

We went back to Mom and Dad's because I was watching the girls while the 'rents got away for the weekend. Lucy and I drank margaritas and hung out in the kitchen. We pulled together a killer salad and two delightful pizzas with all sorts of fun toppings. We took the dogs swimming in the lake (as though they hadn't had enough activity!) and we had dessert and never got around to watching a movie.

I ruined my phone and - if I'm being honest - it could have wrecked my night. I could have obsessed over it. Continually tried to fix it. Sulked because I was mad at myself for making a mistake and being mad for being mad because everyone makes mistakes and, ugh, can I not let myself be human for once?

But I didn't. It's just a stupid phone. Which is nothing, really, when you have four stupid dogs to entertain you.


Accidentally Me said...

Oh my god, that is the cutest frickin picture I have seen in a long time! Love it!

What kinda phone are you gonna get now?

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