Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've amped up the exercise in preparation for October's half-marathon, but this constant feeding of my face is getting a bit ridiculous.

7:20 am: a banana smeared with peanut butter and Nutella
7:40 am: mango black tea with skim milk and sugar
9:15 am: string cheese
9:30 am: a cup of hot water
10:15 am: 1/2 cup of French vanilla cappuccino, 1/2 cup of coffee
11:10 am: handful of Trader Joe's cat-shaped cookies
12:00 pm: another cup of hot water
1:07 pm: mini Mounds bar swiped from office candy dish
1:20 pm: two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, delivered by my sister to my office
4:00 pm: a bowl of chicken and wild rice soup, a handful of cherries and another cookie even though I was completely full
4:30 pm: more hot water
7:20 pm: delicious Mexican black bean, tomato, avocado, cheese, tortilla thing
7:25 pm: granola bar
9:40 pm: mango sticky rice

I've been tossing my (adorable, Vera Bradley) lunch bag into a larger tote bag. Partially because I've been hauling whatever book I've been reading with me so that I can get in a chapter or two during lunch. Partially because...well...I can only fit a fraction of the food that I need into my cute, but not entirely functional, lunch bag.

I always eat so much more than my peers, but this eating thing has reached impressive new highs.

I'd be much more enthused about the entire situation if I didn't have to grocery shop.


Lauren said...

I hate to say it, but this doesn't look much like fuel for someone who is seriously training for a half mary. Perhaps a lot more whole grains, protein, and real food. I'm not seeing much food on this list, and if you're hungry, it's no wonder why.

Try incorporating a fruit or vegetable and a protein into every meal, 5 times a day. And protein shakes after every workout. I think you'll find that you're putting better fuel into your body, and you'll notice better performance too.

Just my $.02

A said...

Oh, yes. I sort of forgot the part about "hi, this was not a good eating day," because it totally wasn't. (Apparently it wasn't a good blogging day, either!) I didn't really even have dinner. Fail, fail, faily fail.

This is what I tend to do when I have 392 things going on and don't get home until 9:30. It's bad. And no wonder I'm so damn hungry all of the time.

doahleigh said...

That's what I was going to say - doesn't really look like much food. And cups of hot water? Is that a thing?

my life is brilliant said...

Glad to hear this was a bad day. I didn't think it looked like much either. Just frequent. And I was wondering where lunch was! You take care of yourself, girly!

What's funny is I wrote a post similar to this yesterday -- well, about the effects of training. Constant hunger was definitely on there. It's pretty crazy, isn't it?

A said...

Oh man, you guys, this makes my LIFE. It doesn't seem like a lot? Really? I me, it doesn't seem good in terms of it being decent food, but it still seems like a tonish of food.

Add to life list: learn some damn nutrition.

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