Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bloggers beware

I’m trying to be a good smart, mature, reasonable adult and apply for jobs outside of Michigan.

I’ve never been too keen on the idea of moving away, but lately the fear that I associate with relocation has died down significantly. It has a lot to do with my trip to South Africa, I think. Planning that undertaking proved to me that I’m a little more self-sufficient than I give myself credit for. Plus, it reminded me of how much I want to travel. And, thus, of how I need to get a job where I actually make money in which to fund these adventures.

It is time to strike while the iron is hot! (And by strike, I mean email my résumé into cyberspace with abandon.)

I have a good number of job postings emailed to me on a regular basis. I’ve been looking at them all with an open mind. First, I ask myself if I’m qualified. (Side rant: OMG, are the only positions being filled for Directors or something really IT heavy or something that requires me to have graduated from law school? Annoying!) Then, I try to determine if it is in a location where I can see myself living, based on a lot of very important factors.

Ease of travel to/from home.
Number of friends/family members in the area.
If the city has a NHL/Major League Soccer team.
Nearest Trader Joe’s.
And – obviously! – whether or not I know a blogger from the area.

Watch out, girls and boys. I’m moving in on the next block. It is only a matter of time.

So, let's make the most of this beautiful day
Since we're together we might as well say
Would you be mine, could you be mine
Won't you be my neighbor
Won't you please, won't you please
Please won't you be my neighbor.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I would definitely be your neighbor because I have a high suspicion you would make me cookies on occasion and that would be awesome. Lots of other reasons too but that's a good one! (stacey)

Kari said...

Ummm I guess my city is out! No more NHL, closest trader joes is 7 hours away...but I would let you live in my basement until you found a place!
Moving can be fun -- trust me, I've done it enough!


my life is brilliant said...

We've got no hockey or soccer here, but there's a Trader Joe's really really close. And D.C. is only a couple hours away. There's hockey there!!! Here? We have the beach.

See you soon! ;)

Mrs. Architect said...

It's way too hot for you I'm sure...

but we have AWESOME soccer (http://www.pizzahutpark.com/TheSoccerPark/tabid/53/Default.aspx)...

AND hockey (http://stars.nhl.com/ and http://www.drpepperstarcenter.com/Hockey.asp), which I can hook you up with awesome seats at games...

AND we have extra bedrooms - come on down!!! (at least for a visit!)

Lauren said...

Pretty sure we've got you covered in DC!
Similar weather to MI
Flights to MI: under $200 nonstop to Detroit
Sometimes we have more than 1 of each pro sports team. Plus, we have Ovechkin!
Metro is EA-ZY!
TJ's is everywhere
I'm here! (LBoogie)

doahleigh said...

No idea what kind of library work you want to do, whether you'd want to relocate, and if you could accept only 32hr/wk, but I used to work for KDL and noticed this posting and thought I'd share:


It's for a Program & Outreach Specialist. I know a lot of people who still work there, so I could drop your name if you apply. To that or any position there. Just an fyi. :)

Anonymous said...

Climate: It is never too hot and never too cold here. It doesn't rain nearly as much as everyone thinks!

Ease of travel to/from home: Direct flights to Detroit. I just took one in June!

Number of friends/family members in the area: Me? Plus we have a huge co-rec soccer league - insta-friends!

If the city has a NHL/Major League Soccer team: The Sounders! And the Canucks are just a 3 hour train ride away.

Transportation: We've got buses and light rail

Nearest Trader Joe’s: There are TJ's in almost every nieghborhood.

And – obviously! – whether or not I know a blogger from the area: Again, me!

Seattle rocks!

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