Friday, July 09, 2010


Where did this week go, you guys?

I imagine that this is how life would feel if you were addicted to prescription drugs. All fuzzy and hard to keep track of. Yeah, so I'm still sick and hitting the drugs pretty hard. And by drugs I mean cough syrup. I think I might frequent my friendly urgent care after I leave work today. I've been sick for close to three weeks now. It might be time to look to a higher power (cute doctor and antibiotics?) for healing.

I spent a little bit of time this week getting in touch with some of the people we met in South Africa. An email here, a Facebook friend request there. Not that I expect that we'll religiously keep in touch or become longtime friends or anything, never know. And it has been sort of fun discussing our trips and all of the excellent soccer.

So, I guess that those first few paragraphs are just explaination for why I'm writing about random people even though I cannot imagine that any of you care. Blame the cold meds.

Random guys from the midwest: we met them in Melrose Arch - an upscale shopping area with a big screen outside so you could sit outside, have dinner and watch the match of the night - one evening and we stood and talked to them for-evah.

One of the guys emailed me (maybe I should mention that this guy reminded me so much of my will-always-have-a-thing-for high school best buddy/almost boyfriend that I had a dream about him that night). Friended the other on Facebook. I seriously thought that these guys were "older," not, like, old or anything but obviously not 22 either. Come to find out they're all a year younger than me. fml.

Random girls and one gay guy from NYC: they stayed at our hotel. SUCH a wild group. I'm pretty sure they were drunk 80% of their trip. We're all Facebook friends now and I absolutely loved looking at the pictures of their trip and maybe one day I'll be in NYC visiting Anna or Aviva (or both) and we can meet up and start planning for Brazil in 2014.

Random guy from Liverpool who was there with the girls from NYC: Nicest man ever. He actually met one of the NYC girls on a plane years and years ago and has managed to keep in touch with her. I think that's so cool. I should try to be friendlier.

Random kid from Atlanta: He was on the safari with us. And I was nice enough to hook him up with information on how to get to get tickets/transportation to the last USA game because I'm nice/cool like that. He was sort of lacking personality and his pants were too short.

Woman who owns our original hotel: OMG. She was way, way too nice and did way, way too much for us considering that we weren't even staying on her property anymore. She spent an entire day with me and Meg at this touristy place just because. She is so incredibly sweet and kind and I'd love to go back and stay at her place once it is fixed up or go to her other property where they do a full-on safari. Or both. Loved her.

Random guy FROM MY HOMETOWN who we met in a bar: I had just enough information to easily find him on Facebook but I've yet to request him because I think I'll look like a stalker. Which sort of is what I am.

Maybe I should just embrace it.


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laughing at the comments above as i was planning to write - embarce your inner stalker!

that is one thing i love/hate about travelling. you meet these amazing people but it can be hard to stay in touch. my officemate is from south america and have travelled a lot - doing an amazing job at keeping in touch. anywhere, near or far, that he travels these days, he knows someone. i need to channel that!

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