Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh, hi, Real Life

One perk of being sick for the first 10 days home after a glorious, glorious vacation: you don't feel like you're back to real life.

I was back at work, sure, and back in my apartment and back in the D -- but I was sick. And that suitcase didn't need to be unpacked. And the grocery shopping didn't need to be done (I wasn't hungry, anyway). And I skipped going to the gym. And I went to bed early and didn't open my bills and tossed my dirty clothes everywhere and caught up on The Hills and hardly blogged.

It wasn't a bad way to ease back into things. Besides the part where I felt absolutely miserable.

(I took myself to urgent care on Friday night and got myself a Z-Pak prescription and, hopefully, that'll kick this.)

So, now I'm really jumping back into Real Life and here's the thing: it really isn't all that great. It isn't all that bad, either, but I think I've been fooling myself. I've always been the first one to proclaim that I'm happy with my life, with my friends, with how I spend my time, with being so close to my family.

Maybe the travel buzz just hasn't worn off yet, but I'm sort of looking around and asking myself "is this all?"

Out-of-state job postings are looking a little less scary. I'm feeling a little more brave.

I need to get cracking. Before this feeling wears off.


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that it will solve all your problems. But something big - like a move - really turns your world upside down (in a good way). You are forced to existing outside of your comfort level, which has helped me discover who I really and and what is really important to me.

You can apply for jobs, and even be offered them, without actually taking one in the end - so what is the harm in actively looking and applying. I tend to operate as such - given that the economy isn't all that great, if you were to get a job somewhere else - it would be a sign to take that leap.

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