Monday, July 19, 2010

Mondays never go as planned

Things that I wanted to do tonight that I did not do:
-Pay bills
-Start The Girl Who Played With Fire
-Packed up my soccer bag for tomorrow night
-Apply for a rather intriguing job that was just posted

Things that I wanted to do tonight that I actually did:-Went to the gym
-Went grocery shopping
-Made lunch for tomorrow
-Transferred files over from my old laptop to my new laptop
-Empied the dishwasher

Things that I did tonight that I didn't want to do but did anyway because I was possessed by an extraterrestrial being:
-Watched The Bachelorette
-Drank two glasses of chocolate milk
-Ate four Thin Mints

I obviously need:
-More time in my day
-Less sugar in my diet


Anonymous said...

Oooh the Bachelorette!! You know how I love it! I watched it sharing wine, eating homemade pizza, and laughing (and ooohing and aaahing too) with one of my besties. Perfect night!

I am soooo much in need of more time in my day!

my life is brilliant said...

Oh, I missed this blog. Thank you for coming back from South Africa. :)

Stace said...

i've come the conclusion that you have far more motivation than i do on a daily basis. :)

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