Friday, July 02, 2010

Here's...umm...some stuff?

Still exhausted from the travel.

And sick. I got sick a few days in. Just a cold. Can't shake it.

It's hard to write about something important. Something magical. When you're mouth breathing.

I think I'll take a few days, to get myself rested and unsick, and then I'll tell you guys all about my adventures in South Africa.

So, if I'm not writing about South Africa today, I guess I'll write about boys.


Stupid boys.

First there's Luke. I never officially ended anything with him. I still wasn't sure. And, the week before I was supposed to leave, he was all "I want to see you before you go. When can I see you?" And this was on Wednesday, I think, and I work on Thursday and he was spending the weekend visiting his parents.

I suggested Sunday. And he agreed. And then Sunday came and I sent him a text message after my soccer game, asking him if we were still on for that night.

And he didn't reply.

Not only did he not reply, he posted something on Facebook within 10 minutes of my sending the text so, hello!, you're not fooling anyone, buddy.

I hate when guys do that. When they pretend like you don't exist instead of just saying "hey, I'm sorry, something came up." Or "I just got home and I'm really tired so I don't think that I can make it tonight."

You don't have to tell the truth, even. Just tell me SOMETHING. It is just so rude.

And that's how I sort of decided that I was done with him. So over it.

Then, there's The Athlete. Who I have been doing a very, very good job of not falling all over this summer. But who sent me the invitation to his Country Club themed pub crawl yesterday and I can just picture it: I go to the pub crawl. I get smitten all over again. He leaves for 8 months. I pout for a minimum of 6 weeks. Sound familiar? Like maybe both of the last two summers?

Save me, people. Save me from myself.


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