Thursday, July 29, 2010

Confession of a bad, bad blogger

I was going to write something tonight.

A funny story that I've been meaning to tell since Monday.

(I've been busy at work. Plus I had to get The Athlete drama out before I got to the funny stuff.)

So, I was planning on this funny story - which cannot be rushed - or maybe some more whining about The Athlete or possibly something If I was going to write, it would be about one of those two subjects.


That was the plan. But, I got home (at 9:30 - love the 14 hour days!) and I was stopped by my chatty neighbor who is apparently moving. And when I FINALLY got inside, all I could think about was The Girl Who Played With Fire and also Thin Mints straight out of the freezer. Both of which I have at my disposal.

So, tomorrow?




Bill Robertson said...

the whole millennium trilogy is excellent. i thought each was better than the last. i liked the 1st movie, too (except for a few plot changes). i just wish there a theater near sandwich, il, that played foreign language films so i could see the 2nd one (which is out now).

i've always thought of you as the salander of the soccer field.

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