Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Grandma Is Really Adorable

My Grandma The Troll called my mom this morning. "When are the girls leaving for South Africa? I want to give them each a card."

After my mom gave her the details of our trip, Grandma revealed her grand scheme.

"I put $50 in each of their cards. I know that it isn't a lot of money, but I want them to pin the $50 inside of their bra. That way, if someone robs them and takes all of their money, at least they'll each have $50."

I'm sorry, I know I'm biased because she's my grandma, but that is the cutest thing ever.

And I'm so going to do it. ...after I change it into $1 bills.

Might as well get a little padding out of this safety precaution, eh?


Anonymous said...

I agree that your Grandmother is absolutely ADORABLE!! Reading that sweet story totally made my day.....and changing the $50 to one dollar bills is funny. Gotta be prepared for anything!


my life is brilliant said...

That is hilarious! I totally laughed out loud. Did NOT see that one coming!

Kari said...

Your Grandmother is so cute! I'm not sure why I find her idea cute but when my mother suggested it the first time I went to Europe I thought it was crazy!
So excited for you to go to the World Cup -- you guys are going to have sooooo much fun.
Maybe to add some extra fun to the trip -- you should try and "kiss your way around the world" carry a map with you. Everytime you see a guy wearing a shirt from country X-- give him a kiss and then mark it off on your map and take a picture with that boy.

Kari said...

I totally should email you -- but my personal email is horrible to try and access from work. Anyhow I ask one of my bosses (an MD from SA, who is also a foodie) about local cuisine. He said if you get to a coastal city --you have to have the seafood -- it is amazing. Also the fried Snoek (a fish) or smoked Snoek is out of this world (his favourite meal). He said that the Samasoa are excellent -- but you shouldn't get them from a restaurant - but rather from a street vendor or a 7-11 type store. They are very different from Indian Samosas, different meaning better (I think I am transcribing our conversation!). There are Biltong shops (aka meat jerky shops). He said to go to the shops where they cut it up into pieces - and get small packages of all types of the jerkies. And finally the Boerewors which is like a Farmer sausage. It also comes as a Boerewors roll (like a hotdog). Again street vendors serve the best of these.
I am so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT. I want to borrow your grandma! :)

The 1 dollar bill thing made me laugh out loud too!

Goldilocks said...

Cutest thing EVER!! I love it!!!

Just a thought...small bills are great for lots of things, so keep them on hand. BUT, money changers wont take small bills, and the bigger the bills, the better rate you get. So when you change money to the local currency, make sure you change nothing smaller than $50s.

Goldilocks said...

Another little tip that I do when I travel internationally: make two copies of your passport. Leave one here with a parent and keep one with you in a secondary location. That way, if you lose your passport or it gets stolen, its (supposedly) much faster and easier to remidy your situation if you have a copy, or access to one - mom can fax it to embassy, etc.

Goldilocks said...


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