Friday, May 28, 2010

My life as a travel agent

I have this bad habit of blogging about something but failing to follow up on the outcome of whatever silly drama/conundrum/event/comment/feeling/boy that I was excited/scared/stressed/pissed/confused about.

But this, kids, is not one of those times!

(Although, please feel free to call me out when I do that. It isn’t often that I’m reluctant to write about something, but I tend to forget. Or get too caught up in whatever is happening next in my life.)

Anyway. My hotel in South Africa. Remember how it burned down?

It was cute, right? Such a shame. It was booked out for the entire month of the World Cup. I’m sure that it was quite a loss for the owners and staff.

If you read my original post, you may remember that I was fairly worked up on the day that I found out about the fire. The next few days were a little dicey, too, as I worked my way through the whole ordeal.

First: I had to determine if the whole situation was legit. I so wanted to believe the hotel owner and take everything at face value. Doing so seemed reckless, however. What if it was a complete scam? What if they were moving us for some other shady reason?

Then: I had to make a decision on where we were going to stay.

The owner of the original accommodation secured us reservations at an alternate hotel just down the street that, fortunately, had some rooms open up at the time of the fire. It was an even exchange: we wouldn’t be paying any more and we wouldn’t be paying any less.

Which I was fine with, assuming that the new place was equal or greater to the old place. And assuming that the new place didn’t charge less per night than we were paying. If you’re going to rip me off, I’m breaking out my travel insurance and going elsewhere.

But they weren’t. After a bit of sleuthing that may or may not have required me to use an alternate email address to conceal my identity, I discovered that the new hotel is actually charging $65 more/night per person than what we’re paying. So, we’re sort of getting a deal. I love deals!

The new place has a few convenient amenities that the other did not, which is lovely, and the owners of the old place are holding firm to their other commitments (which is actually what enticed us to book there in the first place): they’re still providing airport and local shuttles, as well as organizing a few small tours.

I’m still crossing my fingers, but it looks like it will all work out!

And, if it doesn’t, I’ll have plenty to blog about! Well, plenty to start blogging about. Ya’ll will have to make up the conclusion to that story, too.


Kari said...

Traveling is good for the soul. It relaxes and engages the mind in a way that nothing else can. It is also addicting! I am trying to come up with reasons why I can't take advantage of the $420 Cdn (including taxes and fees) direct roundtrip flight to Iceland. Need to dig up the list I used at Easter (to turn down the $505 flight to Amsterdam).

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