Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In search of an ice bath

Well into my fifth year of blogging, sometimes I think that I've covered it all. That there isn't even one tidbit about myself that I haven't shared here.

And then I dig down deep and, oh! I've never blogged about 5th Grade Camp! Nor have I ever told the story of my first skating competition. Or the major feud I had with my cousin Liz when we were in middle school.

Here is your fact of the day: I'm not a big fan of ice. I don't make it. If I'm getting a glass of water or iced tea (I don't drink soda - have I ever told ya'll that?), I usually don't bother.

There isn't any reason behind it. Just how I am.

It isn't something that I even realize that I do, until I have someone over and I'm all embarrassed because I can't even put ice in their water (because I usually don't have soda, either, and I'm sure that my guests wonder why they've agreed to visit a third world country).

Tonight, however, I could go for some ice. A LOT of ice. Enough ice to fill a bathtub.

I returned to soccer. And, OMG, I hurt.

I hurt so bad that, if I kept ice in my freezer, I would seriously consider dumping it all into the bathtub for an ice bath.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. If I hurt this bad already? I'll be lucky to get out of bed without the help of major painkillers.

This is what getting old feels like, isn't it?

Other than my aching ass, ankles, back, hips, shins, quads, hamstrings, eyebrow, shoulders and clavicle, I had an awesome time. It was a totally informal drop-in sort of a game. A bunch of random people showed up. We broke into two teams. And played for nearly three hours.

Let me repeat that: three hours.

And that is why I hurt so bad.

It was still the perfect evening. Casual and social and sporty and fun.

In my past life, I must've been European.

...or Brazilian or Argentian or Argentinian or Ghanan or Korean or...well, I wasn't American, I guess.


Anonymous said...

The ice bath... I hear you! I did a track workout today and holy moly, I hurt. Getting old sucks - but at least we will have hott bodies even if that means walking around with a walker :)

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Mrs. Architect said...

I always had to have ice in my drinks. Always. But the past year, I've actually stopped. I find that I drink more if I don't use ice...and it doesn't leave condensations rings (sometimes PUDDLES!) everywhere.

As for sodas. I don't drink them either. I jsut don't like them. Period. I never have. And when people come over, I'm the same way! "uhh...i have water, oj, tea...and that's about it..."

And same with ranch. I never have ranch dressing! And I don't realize how much EVERYONE uses it until people come over and ask for it.

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