Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What do YOU get texts about at work?

Meg: 4:50 pm I had a La Doctora* appointment after work today.

Meg: 4:51 pm Got a med student. I think it was her first time. fml.**

Meg: 4:53 pm
When she was done, she struck up a conversation about the latest trends. Tattoos. Piercings. Shaving. Dying. Etc.

Meg: 4:54 pm
I have come to the conclusion that Mom's is essentially wearing mom jeans on her crotch.***

*La Doctora is what we call our gynecologist (or, in my case, my nurse practitioner), 'round here.

**Fuck my life. But you guys know that, right?

***Meg called Mom to tell her this. Her response? "I am a fashionista from head to toe."


Amber said...

Hahahaha. Hilarious!! I love getting random texts from friends like that! Lol

Accidentally Me said...

So you guys went from talking about pubic hair maintenance, right into talking about your Mom's crotch?


Mrs. Architect said...

My coworkers must think I'm losing it because I just laughed out loud....really loud!!


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