Friday, March 12, 2010

The one time when being a complete dork MAY pay off

I went through this phase - okay, I have not completely grown out of it, but I swear I'm better - when I really liked wedding blogs. I don't really know what it was about wedding blogs that appealed to me, but I found them full of hope and promise and gorgeous eye candy. (I'm fairly certain this phase originated in a slow period at work.)

There are still a few wedding blogs in my Google reader, mostly photographers. I like mindless staring at pretty things.

One of the photographers is local.

A few weeks ago, she posted on her blog that she was looking to fill a few part-time positions.

Two of them absolutely screamed Colleen. She would be perfect for either. I sent her the link, with no explanation of how I ended up there (some things even your best friends don't need to know).

I never heard back.

I didn't mention it to her again. Colleen is pretty sensitive about where she is in her life; I didn't want to push it. Yet, at the same time, I couldn't shake the feeling that she was missing out on a good opportunity.

[Backstory: Colleen is an immensely talented artist. She had a huge, huge scholarship to a prestigious art school that she turned down because, the summer before we were supposed to start school, she was crippled by anxiety and depression. She worked for a while in a creative capacity, losing that job after more anxiety and more depression. Now she's back on track, taking art classes at the local community college and working for a car dealership.]

I mentioned it to Lucy last weekend. "That would be AWESOME for her," she gushed. "Forward it to me. Forward me the link! I'll send it to her, too."

And so I did. And so Lucy did.

"I'm not talented enough," Colleen told Lucy.

Lucy reminded Colleen of her talents. And of how well she works in a creative environment. And told her what a good opportunity it would be. "And you're the most romantic person I know," Lucy said, "why wouldn't you excel working the wedding industry?"

Somehow, after a glass of wine, Colleen wrote a cover letter. And sent it.

She had an interview lined up within a day.

Lucy and I are THRILLED. I called her after work today and the only thing we talked about for the 25 minutes we were on the phone was what a good thing this could turn out to be for Colleen.

Not that we're talking about this with Colleen. In the interest of putting as little pressure as possible on her, we're playing this cool. She told us both. We both expressed our pleasure that she landed an interview. But we're certainly not offering to quiz her with interview questions.

We will merely squeal about this behind her back.

She doesn't need the pressure.

If she thinks about this too much. If she gets too nervous. She just won't go. She needs to go.

It doesn't matter if she gets this job or not. I'm really proud of her for making the initial effort. It is incredibly good for her.

When Colleen told me about the interview yesterday, I asked her what made her finally apply.

"What are the chances that you and Lucy would send me the same job? It was totally a sign that I should apply."

Did I mention that Lucy and I never told her that we discussed it? Or that Lucy framed her email so that it looked like she randomly stumbled upon a job that she thought would be great for Colleen that just happened to be the same job that I found that I thought would be great for Colleen...even though neither of us has ever sent her a job posting before?

Okay. So maybe we're the slightest bit manipulative and dishonest.

But with only the best intentions.


Accidentally Me said...

Oh aren't you two good:-) Fingers crossed for her! Maybe you have a new career as a recruiter ahead of you:-P

Accidentally Me said...

Also...since you already bagged out of your date, I know you are home:-P Log into gchat and keep me company!!!

my life is brilliant said...

How awesome of you guys! Can't wait to hear how the interview went!

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