Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If I do this, I would like to do it right

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about relocating.

I’m trying to get used to the idea. I’m trying to stop being so adverse to the possibility of moving. Staying here means staying on this treadmill – running my ass off and going nowhere.

The stagnancy is exhausting.

It might be time to look elsewhere.

This country is somewhat large. I kind of need to narrow my focus. “Not here” and “am hired for a job there” cannot be my only criteria.

Skating: Reasonable distance to a rink. A rink with a skating club. And coaches. And preferably a few other competitive skaters over the age of 20.
Accessibility to The D: I need to be able to fly/drive home without huge hassles or ridiculous costs.
Friends/Family: Having one or the other or both is a plus. Having neither is okay, too, because then I won’t have to worry about becoming an obnoxious parasite who doesn’t have anyone else to hang out with.
Soccer: I need to be able to play soccer. Outside or inside. Competitive or recreational. I don’t care about the specifics, I just need to be able to play. For social reasons, if nothing else.
Weather: Cannot be too oppressively hot. Would prefer four distinct seasons. Snow is fine.
Hockey: Not essential, but preferable. Women’s ice hockey isn’t exactly mainstream. If there’s a way for me to keep playing hockey, I’ll consider it a perk.
Transportation: Ability to have a car is better than not. How would I theoretically play hockey if I don’t have any way to get my massive amounts of equipment to a rink?
Economy: Must be better than Detroit’s. Oh, wait. I’m trying to narrow things down here. Nevermind.

There's more, right? I must be overlooking something. A lot of somethings.

Otherwise, friends, we've learned a lesson today: making lists like this is a really good way to determine how lame you are.


Mrs. Architect said...

Why not give it a try....remember: you can ALWAYS move back!

Lauren said...

Come to DC!!!
Skating: plenty of rinks around in the burbs

Accessibility to the D: flights from DCA to DTW for $200 or less...a 1 hour flight!

Soccer: Lots of rec soccer in and around the city

Weather: 4 seasons, August is very hot, and people pretend we don't have winter, but I'll let our 55 inches of snow in February speak for themselves

Hockey: I'm not sure about this one...

Transportation: affordable, clean, and available public transportation...and I also have a car and it's not a problem.

Economy: Can you say, many universities and the Federal Government? I'm not sure it gets better than what we have here...

Accidentally Me said...

I think the answer to this is pretty obvious...check marks straight down the line, save for maybe the ease of having a car (although you still can.) Lots of universities with libraries, lots of skating rinks and women's hockey and soccer leagues and all of that!

And, possibly a job as a nanny waiting for you:-)

Kari said...

The wild west has it all...although you would have to make one connection (through Minni, Chicago or TO) to get to Detroit.
We definitely have 4 seasons...doesn't get too horrible in the summer (even if it gets to 30C during the day it cools off at night). One of our beaches was even voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world by Playboy (this was a number of years ago!)
Kids are born with skates on and we are home to the world's long skating rink....we have 3 uni's and 1 college that need librarians (plus a pretty well funded city library system, not to mention the federal depts that need librarians). At all of the uni's you get ~10 paid days off at Christmas and start with at least 3 weeks of holidays. Soccer is played both indoors (we even have new indoor soccer centres) and outdoors (and we have some pretty good World Cup Parties thanks to our little Italy and little Portugal)...oh and did I mention that we have free health care (plus one year mat leaves) and a plethora of timmies (our catering at work even uses timmies for coffee). The city is unfortunately very car friendly and we have the cheapest car insurance in our country (gov't run).


Paul Michael Peters said...

So your choices are Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, or you could come join me in Toronto when I mover there this summer. But you already knew that.

Anonymous said...

Duh, come to FL! Oh wait, we don't have seasons and it can be oppressively hot.

I think DC is an excellent recommendation. Plus you'd be close to My Life is Brilliant! And Love this Life! And soooo many amazing restaurants and cupcake shops.

Do you read Rockstar Diaries? That would convince you to move to DC in a second, I think ;)

xoxo, GFF

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