Sunday, March 14, 2010

I need to know a few things

Have we met?

Do I know you well?

Will I recognize you?

Will it be a puzzle that we put over dinner one night - a friend who was on the same softball team as another friend who had a barbecue that we both attended?

Who knows you but hasn't yet introduced us?

How long will it be?

Do I overlook you?

Are you one of those
Stubbornly stuck
In my head
And memory?
How long
do I have to wait
until you
until WE
prove my sentimental heart
a little less
than I think it is today?

Are you the guy who didn't like me enough?
The one who made me cry?

Or the one in my high school class?

Are you the one I can't make a decision about?

Are you, or can you be confused with, David Beckham?

Are you the coworker with the adorable glasses
and the dry, dry sense of humor?

Will I know you when I see you?

When I know, will I know that I know?

Will you make sure that I don't get away?


Anonymous said...

If reference to your last two questions....

Yes and yes.

Unknown said...

This is great. I need to know a few things too. If only there were a magic way to get all the answers...

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