Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am a teasing vulture

Okay. We need to talk about a few things.

About how I agreed to a date with Luke last night that somehow turned into a double date. With his brother and his sister-in-law. Both of whom I like, thankfully. Because I’d much prefer a little awkward over totally awkward and mostly torturous.

I told Luke that I was up for anything. Which I generally am. I didn’t know that anything included a double date. With his family. OMG.

In reality, it turned out to be fine. We did dinner solo and then met Luke’s brother and sister-in-law for bowling. Which I suck at. Which I told him that I suck at, but was totally up for trying. He laughed and promised that he sucked, too.

That made me feel better.

Until we got to the bowling alley and he pulls out his fucking bowling ball. THE ONE THAT HE OWNS. How much can you suck at bowling if you made the investment of your own personal bowling ball?

Seriously, you guys.

His sister-in-law sucked as much ass at bowling as I do. Bless her. And Luke’s brother was more of a bowling supastar than he is, so I won’t bust his balls over the whole thing.

Well, actually I might.

Okay, I definitely will. I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to call him out on the fact that he OWNS HIS OWN BOWLING BALL. And plays himself off to be some sort of once-every-five-years-and-only-then-for-charity-fundraisers bowler. LIAR!

Here’s what else I’m going to bust his balls about: the Godiva frequent shopper/reward/special customer/OMG-he’s-totally-the-flowers-and-chocolate-dude card on his keychain.

I saw it yesterday. And subsequently died – partially from amusement, partially from horror.

But I haven’t called him out on that yet, either. I’m totally going to. How can a girl like me pass up such a ripe opportunity for teasing?

Maybe I should start a list.


my life is brilliant said...

Oh my gosh, you should. I'm guessing since he loves your sarcasm, he'll love the teasing.

I bust K's balls ALL. THE. TIME. Always have. He jokes it's my way of keeping him in check. :)

Accidentally Me said...

I like him a little bit less for taking you on a double date with a married brother...but that is forgiveable.

And yes, he must be teased relentlessly for this. Unless he buys you lots of chocolate, which will make it all ok!!!

Mrs. Architect said...

Don't judge a bowler. When we lived in Singapore, every christmas break my sister and I were in bowling tourneys. It was fabulous. And SHE had her own ball. I was always so jealous. And after all that...I still suck. Horribly!

SO fun you met some family! And what a great way to slowly meet them without all the fuss and anticipation.

Your writing style cracks me up. I LOVE your sense of humor. I SO wish we lived close to actually hang with you in person!!!

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