Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Feeling whiney

I’m frustrated.

It’s March. I’m 10 months removed from graduation.

I’m still at the job that I was running from when I first enrolled in graduate school. I’m still jugging the same elementary tasks. I’m still bored. Except now I’m shuffling papers and making my boss look good with a master’s degree. Instead of just with that oh-so-useful BA that I also didn’t need in order to succeed in this position. (Yay! Liberal arts! Everyone needs an English major on payroll!)

Oh, woe is me. I am suffering needlessly in a full-time job that offers me benefits and pays my bills. Yeah, I know. It is likely that, had I socialized with any of my classmates, I would know of a few who, 10 months later, are underemployed or unemployed or otherwise screwed.

I am lucky. I have a full-time job to pay my bills. I have a part-time job to get experience.

But I don’t want to do this any more.

I catalogue through my options. Every day. And three times on Thursday (when I work 7:30 am – 9:00 pm, thus leaving me plenty of time to mull over the current state of my life and career). Relocating. Two part-time jobs. Locating, wooing, marrying filthy rich man who has a nice family and a fondness for dogs. More school. Joining a circus.

I’m standing at a bus stop and I have no idea what bus is going to come. When it is going to come. If it is going to come. It is cold and rainy and miserable; I am cold and rainy and miserable. I have other priorities. I have other goals. And it all depends on what bus comes.

I’m stuck here. Waiting for a ride.

Waiting for direction.

I’m running out of patience.


Lauren said...

Perhaps it's time to look for a career change in another state. I heard that Johns Hopkins University Library was looking to add to its librarian pool, and there are plenty of options for people with your background on this side of the country...take a leap of faith and try branching out to something completely different and scary!

Paul Michael Peters said...

Two words - Presidential Museum. There are several. Many are in major cities full of people you are likely to enjoy - Washington DC, LA, Atlanta, Boston, just outside of New York City... Grand Rapids, Iowa City, Aberdeen Kansas. Well not all of them are in great cities. But they are long term jobs with really smart people keeping our American history.

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