Monday, March 29, 2010

Banging head against desk

I'm in a writing funk.

Being busy at work does nothing to inspire my creativity. Nor does my endlessly confusing faucet of feelings drip-drip-dripping a new feeling towards Luke every 17 minutes. (I can't even write about one feeling I'm having towards him before I'm on to the next one.) Nor does worrying - endless worrying about commonplace things like bills and jobs and Being A Real Grownup.

My life isn't boring right now. But it is lacking in something - drama, a common villain, an unrequited love for me to moon over every bloody day. (Speaking of - who is sofuckingglad that they don't have to read about The Groomsman anymore? Because I'm sofuckingglad that I'm not writing about him anymore.)

Yeah. So.

Hang in there, I guess.

I'll come around.

Until then, stay tuned for interesting posts full of interesting facts about me including: an inventory of my personal nail polish stash, how I found the perfect pair of ballet flats and why I shouldn't drink coffee at 4 pm.


Anonymous said...

I happen to love posts with interesting facts like that so I'll be here.

Like I'm going anywhere! :)

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